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LINX Dance Studio offers a variety of classes, teams and programs, all held in state-of-the-art studios to support your child's growing body.

LINX Dance Studio has 12 state-of-the-art studios with sprung marley floors12 sprung floors under one roof! LINX Dance Studio has 12 dance studios with sprung floors under one roof!

Why sprung floors? Studies show that a sprung floor with marley is the #1 type of flooring for children and young adults to dance on - it is the least damaging to their developing bodies. Dancers will have more years to dance and less injuries and issues as they advance throughout the years.

Please review the chart below to learn about the different options available.

LINX Dance Studio

Recreational Classes

Competitive Classes
(Dance Teams and Companies)
Ages 3 years - 12th grade Kindergarten - 12th grade
Philosophy We teach to the group and create a supportive community centered around good sportsmanship, honesty, trust, hard work, kindness, respect and spirit while teaching to each individual's style of learning to maximize potential and advance skill to his/her next level.
Facility 12 dedicated dance studios with sprung floors!
Performances Recital at the end of the year Competitions, local events, and a recital at the end of the year
Performance Placement All dancers will get equal time on stage and equal time in the front line Dancers' placement and performance time are at the instructor's discretion based on demonstrated skill
Friend Requests Available for friends to be able to dance together (variety of ages and skills) Auditions required and placement based on skill level
Competitions None Participate in 3-4 local competitions per year
Attire Recreational Dress Requirements Competitive Dress Requirements
Dance Assistant Program None Available for Middle School and High School Dancers
Electives Variety of classes available to choose from: Tumbling, Breakdancing, Ballet, Hip Hop & Jazz, Lyrical and Tap. See a calendar view of our Dance Schedule.

May choose electives to round-out their required team hours: Tumbling, Hip Hop, Pre-Pointe (by invite only) and Tap

Requirements None Hours and classes vary by team but all include Ballet and Choreography
Lockers Not available Available for select dance teams

Register by May 31st and secure your placement and your current rate

Register by May 19th for the Team Audition and secure your current rate

Please call with any questions (781) 235-3210.


Miss Heather & the LINX Dance Studio Staff

We want to hear from you! At LINX, we follow the mantra of "If we do not know what is wrong, we cannot fix it." We are always seeking feedback, listening, learning, and trying to improve. Of course, we like to hear about what you like too! We care about what you think and want to hear from you.

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