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PLEASE NOTE: All students enrolled in LINX Dance Classes are LINX Members entitled to LINX Member Benefits.





Each LINX Member receives 60 minutes per month of FREE Clubtime for each 50 minute drop-off class he/she is enrolled in.



What is Clubtime?

  • LINX has a fun clubroom for children registered for classes, including games and activities. There are also coloring and arts and crafts stations. Children will be supervised closely and can enjoy the space before or after their class or any other day of the week. The room is staffed by your favorite LINX team members who are ready to engage with children and create a fun Clubtime experience. Clubtime allows you the flexibility to drop off early or pick up late. You can even use Clubtime on days when your child does not have a class!

When can I use Clubtime?

  • Use Clubtime on Mondays - Fridays between 1pm - 6pm. If you would like to book Clubtime before 1:00pm, we require 7 days advance notice and a minimum of 5 LINX Members to open the club room. With our state-of-the-art finger scan technology, members "scan" in to start the "timer" for Clubtime usage. When you pick up your child(ren), a LINX Leader "scans" members out and the "timer" stops. Clubtime is the perfect solution for children who love being at LINX and parents who need a little extra "free" time.

Where can I see my Clubtime balance?

  • You can log in to your Family Account to view your Clubtime accruals and usage. Please note that Clubtime minutes do not roll over. You must use your monthly minutes within the month. Clubtime is not transferable to siblings.

Can I purchase additional Clubtime?

  • LINX Members can purchase additional Clubtime in advance or on an as-needed basis. If you anticipate that additional Clubtime would come in handy, you may Reserve Clubtime which allows you to reserve your child for Clubtime!



LINX Friday Nights

LINX Members are invited to attend exclusive LINX Friday Nights!


What are LINX Friday Nights?

  • Children join their favorite LINX Staff for an evening of fun activities, dinner, playtime with friends, and so much more!

How does it work?

  • LINX Movie Night: Movie Night typically takes place on the 1st Friday of each month. LINX Members ages 4+ are invited to attend this drop-off event for FREE! We show an age appropriate films, and compliment the evening with a pizza dinner and fun activities run by your favorite LINX Staff. Guests are welcome to attend only if there is space. The Guest Fee is $45.00.

  • Other LINX Friday Nights: We offer a number of other Friday night events including Acting Workshop, Art Workshop, Dodgeball Night and more! These events are open to LINX Members for a fee of $40.00 per child and their guests ages 4+ for a fee of $45.00 per child. The evening includes pizza dinner and fun-filled theme activities!

How can I see what events are scheduled?

Do I need to sign up in advance?

  • Yes, you must register by 12:00pm for the Friday night event! Friday night events typically fill prior to Friday at 12:00pm so we recommend reserving a spot as early as possible. Go to http://www.linx-usa.com and roll over "Member Benefits" and then choose "LINX Friday Night Event" to choose a Friday night event to register for. You can then register online. You can also register by calling us at 781-235-3210.




School Vacation Programs

LINX provides members a discount on our School Vacation Programs!

What's the Benefit?

  • LINX offers a variety of School Vacation Programs including special events on Monday holidays, as well as half-day vacation week programs. LINX Members (children actively enrolled in at least one class) receive discounted pricing on all School Vacation Programs!

How do I learn more about School Vacation Programs?




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