Pricing for Recreational Classes

LINX MEMBERSHIP: All students enrolled in Recreational Dance Classes at LINX Dance Studio are LINX Members entitled to LINX Member Benefits.

PAY IN FULL OPTION: Register and pay in full for 10 months of classes by 9/1 to receive an additional 5% savings. Children can switch classes when interests or schedules change. Email to arrange payment in full.

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Spring Recital: Costume & Ticket Information


  • All students in Recreational Classes prepare for and perform at the LINX Dance Studio Spring Recital. The Costume Fee for all students is $65.00 per class and is applied to your account upon registration.
  • Parents and siblings of all performers receive complimentary tickets to the Spring Recital. Extended family and friends may purchase tickets.
  • Costume Fees are waived for those dance students who (1) register for recreational classes no later than May 31st, or (2) audition for Competitive Division classes (LX Dance Company, LX Dance Team or Prep Team) no later than May 31st (for the following Fall's classes).




Competitive Division: Company, Team, and Prep Team


To see pricing for Competitive Division, please click here.