Ballet & Tap

Dancers in this class learn both ballet and tap through technique and terminology, while utilizing creative movement, games and basic combinations. Students receive well-rounded instruction in ballet and tap based on age and experience.


All Ballet classes are taught in a classical manner, combining Vaganova (Russian), French, and Cechetti (Italian) styles of ballet.

Dancers in this combination class will also learn tap, one of the oldest dance forms in the country. Students are taught rhythms, timing, and leg/foot coordination executed to various types of music.

LINX Dance Studios focuses on building and nurturing confidence in all of our dancers to help build self-image and friendships by teaching children to dance with others and work as a team.

Skills Learned

Throughout the season, dancers will be introduced to fundamental techniques of Ballet and will improve large motor skills, coordination, balance, and posture. Dancers will learn correct terminology, port de bras, positions of the feet, body placement and direction, proper technique, and controlled stretching. Dancers will also be introduced to stage directions.

During the Tap section of class, dancers will learn rhythms, timing, technique, floor work, step patterns and leg/foot coordination executed to various types of music. Students will learn all types of tap, from standard basics to funky rhythm tap. Students receive well-rounded knowledge of all types of tap and receive individualized instruction based on age and experience.

Dress Requirements

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Dress Requirements

Annual Recital

Dancers in Ballet & Tap Classes will learn one recital routine for the Annual Recital. This routine will be in either Tap or Ballet. This will be at the teacher’s discretion. Please click below for more annual recital details.

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