Turn It Up Nationals FAQ

  1. Can you give more information on who should be attending all days?

    Even if your dancer was selected to participate in all 'national dance team' events, she does not have to. It is completely optional. If she does want to be a part of the Turn it Up National Dance Team, she would need to attend June 26th - June 30th.

    If not, she will still be able participate in the actual Nationals competition with the rest of her teammates (if enough are interested in attending). At that point, the competition is structured the same way normal competitions are structured. If there are days you want to request the girls do/don't dance, you can, and we will try to make those requests to the competition directly to accomodate the most families.
  2. Will King of New York be performed?

    Yes! It will be scheduled for one of the days of the competition. Unfortunately, we will not know the day and time until we get closer to the date.
  3. After reading through all of the information on the website I am wondering if we can only come for two days, which two days would be best? If the dancers can only come for two days, is it still worth it?

    Yes! If you only have two days of availability, we could do our best to make sure the dancers compete with their routines on those two days. Unfortunately, we would not be able to confirm the exact day and times until we get closer to the date but we could make requests as soon as we know our teammates availability.

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