Leaps and Turns



In this class, dancers will build strength and endurance while improving their leaps and turns with tips, tricks, and step by step breakdowns. Dancers will learn to enhance their leaps with increased flexibility, height, and proper body placement. The instructor will lead each child through exercises to improve both basic and advanced turns including pirouettes, fouettes, and a la seconde turns in both turned out and parallel positions. Dancers will focus on body placement, spotting, and attaining a high releve in turns. Dancers will be taught to execute leaps and turns properly and safely both in the center and in across the floor combinations.

Notes about this class:

  • Please review this class's dress requirements.
  • This is a non-performance based class and will not have a routine in the spring recital.

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(6th-10th)Miss Katie
Non-performance based class.

(4th-8th)Miss Rebecca
Non-Performance based class. No costume fee will apply.
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