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LINX Dance Team Skill Requirements

Team I (3 hours of class per week) Team II & III (4 hours of class per week) Team IV (4.5 hours of class per week) Team V & VI (6-8 hours of class per week)
chaine turn clean single pirouette clean double pirouette (left and right) triple pirouette
pique pique turns clean chase step leap, step second calypso
pas de bouree triplets proper arabesque switch leap
chase ball change Triplets Proper arabesque into releve Switch leap
Chasse kick ball change (lindy) jazz square Chaine fan kick illusions
Kick ball change Arabesque Tour jete barrel roll to the floor
Chasse step leap Bourree Chaine leap knowledge of fouette turns
Passe Chasse Step Leap Differentiate between jete and saut de chat Sissone
Battement Battement  Balance Surprise leap
Passe balance Soutenu turns Developpe  
Pivot Turn Heel stretch   Sou-Sous   


Mini Company Jr. Company (4.5-6 hours of class per week) Sr. Company (8-12 hours of class per week) Elite Company (6-12 hours of class per week)
Pique turn right and left sideDifferentiate between pique and lame duckTriple pirouette (left and right)Triple piroutte in degage
Basic Acro skills such as:Pirouette turned out (clean double both sides)Illusions (no hand)Pique turn into fouette turn
Chin StandRenverseSwitch leapFanning tuck jump
Hand standIllusions4 clean fourette turns and a la seconde turnsFloat turn
Front LimberBarrel roll to the floorRondverses bent leg and in attitudeKnee drop
Back BendKnowledge of fouette turnsTurning C JumpSwitch fire bird leap
Cartwheel CalypsoPique changing spotPirouette in attitue
Clean single pirouette (right and left)Switch leapSwitch second Toe rises
Battements on releve (right and left)Pique changing spotSplit rollFlying discs
Chasse step leap, second leapFire bird leapSwitch tiltA la seconde turns changing spot
Chaine leapSissoneChaine Aerial Advanced turning combinations
Straddle jumpSortabasque turn
Surprise LeapShoulder rollFouette turns into illusion
Battement layout Turning switch leap
Toe rise Switch center
Knee Drops Leg hold turns (outside and inside)
Basic knowledge of leg hold turns Multiple pirouettes into leg hold
Basic Aerial Ponche into tilt hold
Fouette turns changing spot
Butterfly drop (knee drop)
Clean quad pirouettes
Front aerial

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