LINX Dance Team Skill Requirements

Team I (3 hours of class per week) Team II & III (4 hours of class per week) Team IV (4.5 hours of class per week) Team V & VI (6-8 hours of class per week)
Chaine turn Clean single pirouette Clean double pirouette (left and right) Triple pirouette
Pique balance Pique turns Chasse step leap, step second Calypso
Pas de bouree Soutenu turns Proper arabesque Sissone
Chase ball change (lindy) Triplets Proper arabesque into releve Surprise leap
Pivot Turn Jazz square Chaine fan kick Basic illusions (hands on floor acceptable)
Kick ball change Arabesque Tour jete Barrel roll to the floor
Chasse step leap Heel stretch Chaine leap Knowledge of fouette turns
Passe balance Clean chasse Step Leap Differentiate between jete and saut de chat
Battement Battement - front and side Developpe
Mini Company Petite Company Jr. Company (4.5-6 hours of class per week) Sr. Company (8-12 hours of class per week) Jr. Elite Company Elite Company (6-12 hours of class per week)
Pique turn right and left side Clean double pirouette (right and left) Differentiate between pique and lame duck Triple pirouette (left and right) in both parallel and turned out positions Double attitude turn (left and right) Triple piroutte in degage
Basic Acro skills such as: Double coupe turn Pirouette turned out (clean double both sides) Reverse Illusions (no hand) Triple pirouette in degage (left and right) Pique turn into fouette turn
Chin Stand Chaine illusion Renverse Switch leap (left and right) Pirouette Arebesque Fanning tuck jump
Hand stand Chaine fan kick (on releve) Illusions 4 clean fourette turns and a la seconde turns Leg hold (outside) Float turn
Front LimberLeg hold (in releve)Barrel roll to the floorRondverses bent leg and in attitude Plie chaine fan into illusion combinations Front aerial
Back Bend Switch leap Knowledge of fouette turns Turning C JumpC Jump Switch fire bird leap
Cartwheel Knowledge of a toe rise Calypso Pique changing spotFouette turn and a la seconde turning combinations Pirouette in attitude
Clean single pirouette in parallel (right and left) Front walkover Switch leap Switch second Switch tilt Toe rises Variations
Battements on releve (right and left) Back walkover Pique changing spot Split roll Scorpian hold (left and right) Chaine second
Chasse step leap, second leap Back Bend Kickover Fire bird leap Chaine Aerial A la seconde turns changing spot
Chaine leap Arabian Sissone Advanced turning combinations
Straddle jump Front cheststand Sortabasque turn Clean quad pirouettes (left and right in both parallel and turned out positions)
Surprise Leap Elbow stand Shoulder roll Fouette turns into illusion
Shoulder roll to knees Battement layout Turning switch leap
Toe rise Butterfly drop (knee drop)
Knee Drops Leg hold turns (outside and inside)
Basic knowledge of leg hold turns Multiple pirouettes into leg hold
Basic Aerial Ponche into tilt hold
Fouette turns changing spot