Teacher's Assistant Program (T.A.P.)

LINX Dancer Studio Competitive Dance students in middle or high school may apply to be a participant in the LINX Dance Studio Teacher's Assistant Program (T.A.P.)

The T.A.P. program is for ambitious LINX Dance Studio dancers who want to professionally share their expertise by helping younger students. It is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to gain and improve leadership skills in an activity they are already passionate about.

In our 2020-21 program year T.A.P.s will be in virtual class with the LINX Dance Studio Instructor, not working directly with children. In their role helping to demonstrate, T.A.P. give the instructor the opportunity to focus on the virtual students! They also enjoy one-on-one attention from the instructor.

As a T.A.P., dancers will be expected to help their teacher by:

  • Taking initiative
  • Encouraging students to listen and focus
  • Communicating professionally with students and the director
  • Becoming a reassuring presence for young dancers

Each T.A.P. is assigned to one weekly LINX Dance Studio class.

Each T.A.P. is personally selected and assigned by the LINX Dance Studio faculty.

Not all who apply to T.A.P. will be accepted.


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