Hip Hop

We offer both in-person and virtual options for this class.

In our 2020-21 season, we offer both in-person and virtual options for this class.

The most televised form of dance, Hip Hop allows students to explore an energetic, fun and popular art form. Originating from African dance, the style of Hip Hop is derived from many different forms of dance including break dance, pop and lock, street, funk, club, and house dancing.


Instructors ensure that each class and every student has a positive learning experience that encourages the development of individual style and self-expression.

Please note: Students are placed according to previous training, potential and proficiency. Our goal is to have students progress at their individual pace.

Skills Learned

During the course of the year dancers will learn hip hop skills centered around musicality, fluidity, stylization, freestyling and memorization. Classes will focus on combining all of these skills for for their final recital performance.

*Breakdancing classes will learn skills such as popping, locking, and social dances (i.e. the wop, the worm, the running man etc.)

Dress Requirements

Please click below to view our dress requirements.

Dress Requirements

Annual Recital

Dancers in Hip Hop Classes will learn one recital routine for the Annual Recital. Please click below to view more details on our annual recital.

Recital Information


Please note - we calculate our rates by classes per family, not per child, for the most comprehensive multi-class discount. Sample of 1-hour class rates.

Current promotions end August 17th.
CLASSES_PRIORITY2020-21: 2020-21 Priority Registration class rates: 1 class at $154, 2-3 classes at $144/class, 4-7 classes at $139/class, 8+ classes at $129/class.
VIRTUAL_PRIORITY2020-21: 2020-21 Priority Registration virtual class rates: 1 class at $99, 2-3 classes at $89/class, 4-7 classes at $84/class, 8+ classes at $74/class.


Total in-person classes

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Payment Method

Please know that LINX bills 30 days in advance. Monthly fees are applied on the 1st of each month for the coming month of classes. For example, you will be billed on October 1st for November classes and on November 1st for December classes. We have this policy to ensure our teaching staff are scheduled and paid appropriately. Our policies page describes how cancellations need to be made in this advanced billing model. Our monthly class rate is an average based on the cost of our program year divided by ten months. Some months will have more classes and some months less, but your cost will not change regardless of the actual number of classes in that month. This is a very different rate model from most enrichment programs and a LINX Difference.
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