About LINX Dance Studio

What You Can Expect at LINX Dance Studio

  • All children will be taught and treated equally
  • We teach to each individual's style of learning to maximize their potential and to advance their skill to the next level
  • We teach to the group and create a supportive community centered around good sportsmanship, honesty, trust, hard work, kindness, respect and spirit
  • All children will get equal time on stage*
  • All children will get equal time in the front line*
  • All communication and instruction will always be positive and constructive (never negative or destructive)
  • Attire will always be age appropriate
  • Song selection will always be clean and appropriate

*LINX Dance Teams and Company stage positioning, form, choreography and performer time on stage is at the sole discretion of the Dance Instructor of each class. Each Instructor does her/his best to balance all of these elements while also positioning the team to do their best at competition.