Meet Our LINX Dance Studio Faculty

Heather Emley
Dance Director
Dannea Reali
Assistant Dance Director of Recreational Programs for LINX Dance Studio; Leadership Team Leader
Kaely Schuh
Assistant Dance Director of Competitive Programs & Dance Administration; Customer Care Specialist
Nicoletta Agostino
Dance Instructor
Isiah Beasley
Dance Instructor
Rebecca Corsetti
Dance Instructor
Katie Grenier
Dance Instructor
Flora Hyoin Kim Han
Dance Instructor
Carrie Klimeczko
Theater Instructor
Kimberly Ribeiro
Dance Instructor
Joe Kahn
Founder and CEO
Lisa Gatto
Director of Counselor Care
Pattie Finocchiaro
Camp Nurse
Amy Fuller Boyd
Director of Marketing and Development
Anna Pearson
Adventure Team Leader and Marketing and Communications Associate
David Gerth
Director of Finance
Gina Seibold
Customer Care Specialist
Jake Haas
Chief Technology Officer
Morgan Flynn
Director of Customer Care
Kirsty Marie Mills
Assistant Director of Customer Care
Shari Prussin
Director of Human Resources and Legal