Enrollment is closed. The classes in our 2021-22 program year will be posted in the spring.

Acro is a great class for dancers looking to improve their tumbling and acrobatic skills. Dancers will be placed in the correct class based on age and skill level, as determined by teacher evaluation. Students in these classes are given individualized direction in order to advance their skills and attain personal goals.


Acro classes will combine dance and acrobatics training. Classes will focus on strength, flexibility, balancing, limbering, and tumbling skills. Our goal is to help dancers properly train their bodies in order to advance to the next level through effective and safe progressions. This helps reduce potential for injury, creates more technically correct work and helps dancers to progress more quickly.

Skills Learned

Our instructors are Acrobatic Arts Certified. LINX Dance Studio Instructors are qualified to help dancers develop their acrobatics and tumbling skills through individualized direction. Throughout the season, dancers will focus on developing the following through process of progressions, drills, and repetition:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Flexibility through the practice of proper stretching techniques
  • Balance
  • Limbering
  • Tumbling
  • Agility
  • Motor coordination and body awareness

Dress Requirements

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Dress Requirements

Annual Recital

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Recital Information


We calculate rates per family, not per child, to offer the most comprehensive multi-class discount. Use the calculator below to see for yourself!

Current promotions end June 15th.
CLASSES_OPEN2020-21: 2020-21 Open Registration class rates: 1 class at $164, 2-3 classes at $154/class, 4-7 classes at $149/class, 8+ classes at $139/class.
VIRTUAL_OPEN2020-21: 2020-21 Open Registration virtual class rates: 1 class at $99, 2-3 classes at $89/class, 4-7 classes at $84/classes, 8+ class at $74/classes.


Total in-person classes

Total virtual classes

Payment Method

Please know that LINX bills 30 days in advance. Monthly fees are applied on the 1st of each month for the coming month of classes. For example, you will be billed on October 1st for November classes and on November 1st for December classes. We have this policy to ensure our teaching staff are scheduled and paid appropriately. Our policies page describes how cancellations need to be made in this advanced billing model. Our monthly class rate is an average based on the cost of our program year divided by ten months. Some months will have more classes and some months less, but your cost will not change regardless of the actual number of classes in that month. This is a very different rate model from most enrichment programs and a LINX Difference.
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