LINX Dance Studio Frequently Asked Questions


How long are classes?

All of our recreational dance classes are 55 minutes long. All of our competitive dance classes are 55 minutes long in our 2020-21 program year.

Are classes month-by-month or year-long?

Our recreational classes are month-by-month, but we do highly encourage remaining in the same class after January. At this point, our instructors begin to choreograph recital routines and base their routines off of the dancers in class at the time. We also encourage dancers to be committed to attending class each week starting in January.<br><br>Our competitive program is a season-long commitment.

What does a typical class period look like?

Classes typically start with a warm-up that lasts about 15 minutes. In a ballet class, dancers usually begin in a circle and start with floor stretches. In jazz and other classes, dancers typically warm-up in the center of the room with floor stretches, standing stretches, isolations, standing technique, etc. Dancers then work on across-the-floor technique, continue onto centerwork, and then to from-the-corner technique. These techniques include kicks, turns, leaps, etc. Some classes end with a combination, where the teacher will teach a choreographed phrase to the dancers and the dancers perform it in groups.

How many dancers are in each class?

LINX has a 5:1 ratio at all times. Each dance class has a specialized dance teacher, and depending upon class size, may have a teacher's assistant (T.A.P.).

Can parents watch dance classes?

Parents can watch classes via technology in the lobby of our facility. Some teachers may also occasionally invite parents to watch certain classes if they are working on a special performance throughout the year.

How many classes does a recreational dancer typically take?

Our recreational dancers are only required to take one dance class, however we typically see that dancers are interested in taking at least two classes a year!

Where do I go to complete my child's class forms?

Go to class forms to complete all paperwork for your child to attend classes. You can find this link on your family dashboard under the Class Tools section.

I need to make a change to my child's class forms that I completed. How can I do that?

You can update your class forms at anytime right from your family dashboard—under Classes Tools you will see a button for Class Forms.

Rates & Promotions

What is the cost per month?

Please visit our recreational classes rates page for full information about class rates, including multi-class discounts.

Our competitive rates are based upon a combination of competition level and number of classes. Please visit our competitive classes rates page for a full description.

Dress Code

Where do you suggest that we purchase dance apparel?

Dancers Image in Newton and Capezio in Wellesley carry all of our dress requirements.

Costumes & Makeup

If a dancer performs in the annual recital, do they get to keep their costume?

Yes, they do!

Competitive Dance Program

What is the difference between recreational and competitive dance classes?

Competitive dance classes require more time commitment from dancers and families. Competitive dancers are expected to attend class several times a week and participate in at least 3 mandatory competitions throughout the year.

How many required competitions are competitive dancer required to participate in each year?

LINX Dance Studio requires our competitive dancers to attend three mandatory competitions throughout the year. There are also other optional competitions that our dancers can take part in if participating in a solo, duo, trio, or small group.

Are competitive dancers required to take classes with their team, or can they attend other classes?

Each dancer will be given a required schedule of classes that they are required to attend each week. Electives may have team/company members in it but are not exclusive to team/company members only. Required classes are invite only - electives are not by invitation.


How will I know if my daughter/son is at the correct skill level for their age group?

Our instructors will assess the level of the dancer throughout the year, and will express any concerns that they may have to their director. The director will find an appropriate level for the dancer and will contact home if necessary.

How does my dancer become a T.A.P.?

LINX Dance competitive dancers who are in middle or high school may apply to participate in our Teacher's Assistant Program (T.A.P.).

  • Each T.A.P. is assigned to attend and assist in one weekly recreational class.
  • All T.A.P. are chosen by LINX Dance Studio faculty and decisions are final.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

How does LINX drop-off / pick-up work?

Please visit the drop-off and pick-up page for complete details on LINX drop-offs and pick-ups.

Absences and Make-Ups

How do we schedule a make-up class?

For recreational dancers, you may book a make-up class online or call us at 781-235-3210.

How do we schedule a competitive make-up class?

Competitive make-up classes are a once-monthly 1.5 hour Saturday class and can be booked online.

What is your attendance policy regarding children who show signs of illness?
  • Children with a fever of 100.0 degrees or higher, or symptoms of being ill such as, but not limited to, cough, sore throat, nausea, dizziness, aches, or chills, must stay home.

  • Children may only return to LINX after they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the aid of acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) and/or have completed any required quarantine period.

LINX does not issue credits or refunds for sick days. If your child misses class or is sick you can schedule a make-up class.

Competitions & Awards

What are the dates and locations of this year's competitions?

Please reference our studio competition page here.

Are there rehearsals for competitions?

For both optional and mandatory competitions there will be clean times the weekend prior to a competition so that dancers can rehearse their dances with their team before getting on stage.

Do they need to come in full hair and makeup?

Please arrive with hair and makeup done. Lipstick and fake eye lashes (Company members only) can be put on at the competition. If you plan to do your dancer's hair and makeup after arriving at the competition, please plan to arrive more than 90 minutes ahead of time. Be sure to bring extra bobby pins, hairspray and gel to touch up.

Do they need to come wearing their first costume?

No. Dancers are expected to get to the competition 90 minutes ahead of time. They can arrive in LINX attire and warm-ups.

How will we know what costume they will wear first?

On your LINX family calendar, we have entered your dancer's schedule. The first dance on your schedule is what they will be performing first.

Are parents expected to stay the whole time?

Yes, as this is not a LINX drop off event we ask that a parent or guardian is with your child for the duration of the competition.

Can we go back stage with our dancers?

No. Our teachers and staff will take the dancers from the dressing room to the stage. From there, parents are encouraged to watch from the auditorium. Parents can meet their children back in the dressing room after they perform.

How do I know when my dancer will perform?

The competition typically releases their schedule to us 1-2 weeks prior to the competition. As soon as we receive the schedule, we will post it to your LINX family calendar. Once the schedule is posted you can click on the event to see the arrival, performance, and awards times.

How do I know which costume is for which dance?

You can find costume information for each of your dancer's routines on the dance team homepage.

How do I find LINX once I arrive at the competition?

The competition staff will direct you towards the dancer dressing where the other dancers and teachers will be set up.

Am I required to purchase LINX Dance Studio warm ups?

Yes. Adidas Track Suits will be a mandatory purchase for all new competitive members. All competitive dancers will be required to own an Adidas Track Suit.

Are snacks allowed?

Yes- However, please do NOT be in costume while eating.

Do our dancers need to stay for awards? If so, when are awards?

Dancers are expected to stay for awards. This is a great experience, and is exciting for the dancers to see how well they have done throughout the weekend! Awards times vary, and will be posted to your LINX family calendar.

How long do awards last?

Typically awards last about 30-45 minutes.

Do I need a Hotel and if so which hotel should I book?

Team members with 1-3 dances typically dance on one day and would not require a hotel room. Company members with 3-8 dances including solos, duos and trio would most likely need a hotel room. Each family is responsible for choosing and booking their own hotel rooms. Hotel Blocks are available for certain competitions. You can find this information here

What is the criteria to be eligible to partake in title competitions?

Guidelines vary between competitions. Please refer to our competition page for more information