Premier Dance Programs. Innovative, Technique-based Training.

Our mission is to provide empowering recreational and competitive dance experiences.

LINX Dance Studio teaches all elements of dance as an art form—technique, style, rhythm, grace, and musicality—to every dancer in a fun, positive environment that encourages confidence, creativity, and self-esteem. Competitive students are challenged to set personal goals, train with intention, and maximize their potential in both the classroom and competitions.

Collage of dancers

The Art of Dance

At LINX Dance Studio we work hard to introduce and instill just the right amount of self-expression, discipline, and passion in each of our students. Whether a student is dancing for fun and exercise, or dreams of dancing at a competitive or professional level, LINX Dance Studio has a path that is right for each dancer.

Inclusive and Appropriate Studio

All students will participate in the LINX Dance Studio's annual recital
Attire will always be age appropriate
Song selection will always be clean and appropriate
All children will get equal time on stage*
All children will get equal time in the front line*
Friend requests are honored whenever possible

*In our competitive dance program, stage positioning, form, choreography and performer time on stage is at the sole discretion of the dance instructor of each class. Each Instructor does her/his best to balance all of these elements while also positioning the team to do their best at competition.

Healthy Environment

All LINX Dance Studio classes are taught by qualified instructors who teach at a professional level. Every student learns safe and proper technical training and is taught in a state-of-the-art studio. Cutting-edge technology is used to record and post routines and combinations on our secure website. This makes it possible for students to practice at home and to be able to show family and friends what they have been working on in class.